Cat Laundry

The cat laundry team is building a shelf to help deal with the large amounts of laundry piling up every day


Sound Absorbtion

The sound absorption team is creating woven panels to reduce the noise of the very loud dog kennel. The team is planning to install more than 20 panels this semester.


Sign In

The sign in team is creating a stand capable of safely holding an iPad. They are also working with Envoy to create a way for the shelter make sure visitors sign in, write down their information and sign a waiver. 


Toy Storage

The dog toy storage team is developing a solution to the shelter's overload of dog toys. They are building PVC shelves that will help the shelter organize and store their excess dog toys.


Door Holder

The door holder team is developing a device that can hold open the heavy metal doors of the shelter without getting in the way of volunteers who need to move in and out constantly.


Waste System

The shelter generates a lot of waste and it can be hard on the backs of volunteers who need to lug heavy bags of kitty litter to the dumpster. The waste removal team is building a system that will allow volunteers to access the dumpster more easily.